Thriving Couples Program

We see couples all around us who are doing “fine.” They are not consciously perpetuating the pain and shame that exist between men and women in our world right now, BUT they are also not thriving.

We believe that thriving couples are the key to healing the disharmony between men and women in our world.

A thriving relationship is built on four pillars:

  • Vulnerable Communication. Are you willing to be honest about what you really feel and need?

  • Growing Through Conflict. Are you willing to embrace conflict as the gateway to deeper connection?

  • Energizing Attraction. Are you willing to keep the magnetic attraction alive in your relationship?

  • Deepening Intimacy: Are you willing to know your own self first for the sake of being intimate with your partner?

We work with couples who are passionate about changing the way that men and women engage with each other in our world AND recognize that the work starts with their own relationship.


Sam and Talia created a safe and trusting container for both of us to speak our truth, and gave us the tools to transform how we communicate and engage with conflict. We are a healthier, more empowered couple as a result - so grateful for this work! —Thriving Couple, Leah & Jordan

We lead transformational leadership trainings across the country for hundreds of men and women.

We lead transformational leadership trainings across the country for hundreds of men and women.

Rocking our first triathlon race together. Couple goals!

Rocking our first triathlon race together. Couple goals!


Sam and Talia have helped us to realize a greater commitment to our relationship, clearly presented us with new communication strategies, and have steered us towards a relationship we are both proud of. Coaching with Sam and Talia has been a powerful experience - they have gracefully, ferociously, gently, lovingly set us on a path to the greatest evolution of our relationship yet.

I would recommend them to any couple honestly in any phase of relationship - from crossroads and helplessness to total steadfastness and perfection. Expect life changing shifts, with ultimate support. –Thriving Couple, Hannah & Sean


We know a lot of relationship therapists and coaches. The work we are doing is unique. Here’s why:

  • We’re different. We both have successful private coaching businesses, (Sam works with men; Talia works with women). We also lead trainings for hundreds of people across the country together, and are in a deeply loving relationship. We don’t know many other relationship therapists or coaches like that.

  • Our model is different. You and your partner will meet with both of us together AND both of us separately throughout the program. This provides a unique opportunity to work through challenges in your relationship from different angles, and do the individual and collective work necessary for your partnership to thrive.

  • Our curriculum is different. Each session includes a specific theme, with overviews to provide more context. We also include follow-up assignments for you and your partner after sessions that empower you both to address the specific challenges you face in your relationship.


Sam and Talia are about as close as you can get to a perfect embodiment of the term “dynamic duo.” I was lucky enough to attend one of their transformational trainings, and the entire time I felt held up, welcomed and supported by their leadership. They know how to play off of each other’s strengths so that the results of their workshops are far greater than the sum of their parts. As coaches and as a couple, Sam and Talia give me something to aspire to without ever making me feel “less than.” –Kat S.


Are you ready to join our movement? Come transform the dynamics between men and women in our world … one thriving couple at a time.

P.S: If you’d like to give our recent podcast, “Building Intimacy in Relationships” a listen, click here!


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