Annie, 25

"In a world full of "look at me" girls, Talia is a "come with me girl." Talia helped me to purposefully and thoughtfully explore my values and pursue my dreams. For me, I wanted to my passions to more closely align to my career--and Talia enabled me to bring my creativity to center stage. Most of all, Talia challenged me to "not play small," and encouraged me to show up in all areas of my life. Datura was the greatest gift I could have given myself, for it was an investment in my self that will have boundless returns."

Courtney, 28

"Talia is such a gem. I've been working with her for months now, and each session I feel more empowered and self-aware than the last. It hasn't always been easy for me to talk through obstacles in my life, but she always creates such a safe space while also challenging me in the most caring and eye-opening way. I can't recommend Talia enough!"

Samantha, 23

"Talia is an incredibly gifted coach. She has helped me ride the waves of life in a thoughtful and purposeful way and learn so much about myself in the process. She challenges me (the perfect amount) and encourages me to grow into the best, most authentic version of myself. I highly recommend working with Talia to anyone looking for guidance along their journey!"

Nicole, 28

"Talia has by far and large exceeded my expectations as a coach. She teaches me that setting a tangible goal is just the tip of the iceberg but understanding why and how you define goals leads to sustainability and achievability. Talia not only constantly challenges me by asking introspective, thought provoking questions, but also goes deeper to understand the purpose of my answers. The method she uses teaches me to be wholesome in both action and being. She is reliable, trustworthy, and my biggest supporter."

Kristen, 29

"I have been working with Talia the past several months and the amount of presence and engagement in my growth and success not only in terms of my career, but on a holistic level, is essential at this point in my life and effectively transformative. Her own intuition and somatic involvement within our sessions helps me explore my own embodiment within my work and a sense of grounding and empowerment. I always leave our sessions with a sense of clarity and knowing; feeling deep peace and a sense of assurance that I am in alignment with my higher self."