Game Changing 1:1 Leadership Coaching

I believe in a world where women (just like you) know themselves intimately, take responsibility for who they are, and live life ON purpose. I believe in a world where women are the true leaders of their lives (unapologetically!).

Through this program, you will learn skills and tools for how to live an inspired and meaningful life; one where you take a STAND for yourself, move through the world with CONFIDENCE, and pursue your goals & dreams with passion and purpose. A life where YOU are in the driver’s seat, choosing which way the car turns.

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In a world full of "look at me" girls, Talia is a "come with me girl." Talia helped me to purposefully and thoughtfully explore my values and pursue my dreams. For me, I wanted to my passions to more closely align to my career--and Talia enabled me to bring my creativity to center stage. Most of all, Talia challenged me to "not play small," and encouraged me to show up in all areas of my life. Datura was the greatest gift I could have given myself, for it was an investment in my self that will have boundless returns. –Annie, 25


You will:

  • Build self-awareness

  • Gain self-confidence, and self-trust

  • Grow your self worth and self respect

  • Stop second guessing yourself and be a better decision maker

  • Develop a healthy and peaceful relationship to your body and food

  • Reduce stress & anxiety, build ease and clarity

  • Build better and/or improve your intimate relationships

  • Find direction and purpose in your life


Talia is such a gem. I've been working with her for months now, and each session I feel more empowered and self-aware than the last. It hasn't always been easy for me to talk through obstacles in my life, but she always creates such a safe space while also challenging me in the most caring and eye-opening way. I can't recommend Talia enough! –Courtney, 28


The Program Includes:

  • 9 one-hour weekly sessions following a unique transformational curriculum, via Zoom

  • 3 health coaching calls with Yael Gutin of Girl Meets Plants that focus on women’s health and how to eat intuitively

  • Weekly recorded meditations to relax, center, and empower you

  • Weekly video content that will offer powerful insights into common patterns among young women

  • Weekly exercises & action steps that will help you embody and practice the changes you are cultivating


If you don’t want to settle for an average life, this program is for you. After Datura, I stopped settling and started the best chapter of my life. Talia is amazing at helping you envision and create your best life. She helps you figure out what is holding you back and unlock your full potential. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made. –Jemma, 25


Certified Life Coach, PCC


Certified NLP Practitioner


300 HR Yoga + Meditation Teacher

Certified Somatic Coach



She was powerful,
not because she wasn’t scared
but because she went on so strongly,
despite the fear.
— atticus