Change Your Beliefs; Change Your Future - BOSTON
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Change Your Beliefs; Change Your Future - BOSTON

What: A one-day, interactive workshop that will give you the confidence and tools you want to create the future you long for: one of clarity, purpose and meaning.  

Who is this for? If you are a women between the ages of 20-35 who feels directionless, struggles with self-confidence, and know that you have untapped potential + dreams + passions that long to be expressed, then this program is for you.

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  • Overcome negative self talk and learn how to lead from your higher + TRUE self

  • Stop living without direction and start living with clarity and purpose

  • Overcome doubt, and build self confidence + self trust

  • Stop playing small and learn how to take up more space (unapologetically) in your life.

  • Claim your power in a community of women with a shared vision and values

Investment: $79

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