On My 2019 "Resolution"

Hi all,

Happy 2019!

Now is the time of year where many take a halt from what was and step into what could be. Resolutions, declarations, goal-setting, gym memberships, visioning for the future. Fueled by a longing to become something more, to grow into a “better” person than the day before.

My longing for 2019 is to grow a little less and to celebrate life a little more.

I call myself a potential junky - ravenous for growth and a voracious seeker of meaning and purpose. I regularly think to myself: what else can I do? Who else can I become?  Instead of welcoming the moment just as it is, and celebrating where I am, I’m left wanting more.

Tony Robbins speaks often about the distinction between achievement and fulfillment. He says that achievement is a science - there’s a code to it, and if we follow the fundamentals of the code, we will find success. When it comes to achievement, we tend to focus on where we want to be, on the goal we want to check off the list, versus where we are in any given moment. Fulfillment on the other hand is an art. It’s when we pause to celebrate our wins and acknowledge our accomplishments before jumping to the next thing. It’s taking a minute to savor the fruits of our labor so we move forward from a place of abundance and fullness. Tony says, “Success without fulfillment to me is the ultimate failure in life.” This isn’t to say that fulfillment is a destination or a one time deal. It’s something that needs to be worked on and tended to over and over again.

Over the last month, I have taken a conscious pause on furthering my “growth,” for the sake of being less achievement focused and more fulfillment focused. During this pause, my spiritual practice has been….well...reading Harry Potter. I’m in the middle of a HP binge reading escapade, and I say with complete certainty: the best part of my day is when I hop into bed around 9:30 pm, open up the thickly bounded book, it’s pages smelling of mystery and adventure, and become transported by the brilliant world of wizards and magic!

As I read the riveting stories, my ruminating thoughts slowly begin to quiet, as my imagination quickly becomes activated. I drop into the rapture of the moment, feeling deeply satisfied with what is. It’s been a gift.

Reading, whether it be Harry Potter or another work of fiction, reminds me to slow down and savor life. For some people, a similar experience could happen through knitting, hiking, listening to music, or painting.

My question for you: What is your Harry Potter - a daily experience that has less to do with achievement and more to do with cultivating fulfillment?

So, in 2019, I’m inviting in pause, imagination, and dreams of flying brooms and mystical lands. Not for the sake of growth, but instead for the sake of celebrating this precious gift of life.



Talia Gutin