On Moving To Austin!

Me at Barton Springs - a 900 foot natural spring pool in the middle of Austin!

Me at Barton Springs - a 900 foot natural spring pool in the middle of Austin!


I will begin this post by time traveling back to two and a half years ago: I had quit my job working at a successful startup after considering the decision for roughly five minutes; a choice that was fueled by a moment of clarity that I could not ignore. One month later, I went to a music festival in Tennessee with my younger sister, Yael, where we spent four days dancing under the blazing hot sun, happy to be alive. I was scheduled on a return flight home the Monday morning following the festival, but Yael, in the span of about five minutes, once again, convinced me to ditch my flight back to NYC and road trip with her to Austin. A second moment of clarity drove my choice to say, “Yes!” We soon packed in to the back seat of a newly made friends car, buckled our seat belts, and began our near sixteen hour journey to Texas. As I drove through southern America, with my sister, and other half beside me, my heart smiled with joy and possibility, not only for the beauty of the flat-road Mississippi sunset, but for what awaited in my life; what new paths would emerge. “What experiences would I have and who would I become?” I wondered silently. Once again, the desire to experience life fully was the fuel that kept me moving forward, onto the next grand adventure under the starry sky.

It was on this impromptu visit to Austin that I was struck by a third moment of clarity, one that I really could not ignore, when my intuition whispered in my ear: “This is the place for you.” After two weeks of pure joy with Yael, it was time for me to leave and as I said goodbye, I choked up in tears, overcome by sadness to leave her and an environment that felt like home. Tears, like rivers, flowed down my face, “I don’t want to leave, Belle. It feels wrong.” “It’s ok, Tal,” she spoke in her sweet voice, “Maybe you’ll come back.”

It took time for the logistics and circumstances to catch up with the decision, but here I am, two and a half years later, and my calling to move to Austin became a reality. The next chapter of my mysterious path on this beautiful planet begins now.

What brought me here? What called me to this place?

Questions I don’t really have the answer to yet, but what I do have is an inner knowing and trust in my choice and intuition. A trust and knowing that has never led me astray (even though it has caused pain). I’m reminded of when I was nineteen years old and met my boyfriend, Sam, for the very first time in the basement of a home in Maryland on a warm summer night. The moment we saw each other, I’ll never forget, was like two magnets coming together. There was a familiarity to his gaze; I was so drawn to him, but didn’t have an understanding of why. There were obvious reasons I was pulled towards him - he’s cute, funny, confident - more superficial aspects of a human, but there was a deeper feeling that I couldn’t explain in words, but could only feel in my heart. I’m now twenty eight and after three and a half years of dating, I’m only at the cusp of learning why I love this man; why my heart trust his heart; why I was drawn to him like fire that summer night many years ago.

This is how I’m approaching my new relationship with Austin. I love the lifestyle, watering holes, food trucks, music scene, sure - that’s all true. And I sense that there’s something beneath the surface of this Texan city, something I desire and trust will reveal itself over time. So while I don’t understand yet, I know this is the place I want to be in my life right now. And I trust that as always, great experiences await, and there is more to come.

Here’s to the next grand adventure: Austin, Texas!



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